Historical development of the watch

From the mid-19th century, it was the timing belt hanging table fitted, worn on the wrist using the start and gradually improve, narrow shape, landscaping styles, develop into watches.
The world’s first watch was manufactured in 1868 by Patek Philippe to Hungary Koscowicz Countess. But this form of watches, is not popular at the time.
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In 1904, the French jewelry business businessman Louis Francois Cartier received complaints from pilot friend Ya Botuo Santos Dumont: when an airplane should watch out of your pocket is very difficult, I hope he helped to solve this problem so that the flight can be seen in time. So Cartier came up with a belt and buckle, the watch hands tied approach to solve a friend’s problem. And this tied the hands of the watch, is today’s watch.
1911 Cartier watches formally this form of commercialization, launched the famous Santos watch. Since then, the watch began to spread.
Experienced a century of improvements, in 1967 the first time the Swiss made ​​quartz quartz watch, watches after the manual / automatic winding in the form of development to the display with quartz, electronic and other power time and a mixture of other relatively simple functions such as timing, moon phase, measuring pulse rate; modern watch watch adds more sophisticated features, such as: PDA, MP3, cell phones and other forms. And part of the watch has also become a kind of jewelry, the focus is no longer display the time, but in their design, brand, material (such as precious metals and diamonds) and other features on.

Development of
1914 World War I broke out, the importance of the national military realized that the “free hand” watch, this inspired the general public fervent opponent needs to wear watches. 1926, invented the first a self-winding watch, from 1960 onwards, the traditional round table kind of universally liked by the people. Further improvement Switzerland watch, is to timing, calendar, tourbillon pocket watch and automatic clockwork be possessed by miniaturization, and installed in the watch. 1952 in the United States, France and Switzerland each produce an electronic form. 1967, Neuchatel center developed the first electronic watch quartz wrist a table, and in 1970 the Swiss brand names with different start mass production. Since then, new technology began to rapidly develop, different brands of wrist table also began to develop rapidly.

How to identify true and false Emperor helmsman table from the appearance

Fake Tudor watches appear in large numbers on Internet sales, antique and second-hand watch market, often at low prices lure people fooled. And many of these fake watches, are also equipped with Dili rudder TUDOR same movement, even abrasive surface decoration movement can do well. So, for the average consumer, how can we just watch from the appearance, we can distinguish authenticity of Tudor watch it? Based on my own experience, the identification method and the “secrets” to tell you to take the most common:(Prince Tudor Series 74033 this example)
(1) Tudor TUDOR never do through the end of the back cover, if you find the watch after the cover is fitted with glass, it must be false; addition, Tudor TUDOR watch movement do not gilded, in its silver machine the heart of plywood covered with a “pearl” like fine grinding and finishing lines.
(2) watches the packaging, including manual. International warranty card, cable box, etc. are also identified strong evidence of the watch. Which red especially international warranty card, when it is placed below the UV fluorescent occurs when special effects, and leave the table and there was no changes.
(3) Note Emperor helmsman table elastic strap connecting bolt (raw ear) shape, this is a special, leave the table is just plain style.
(4) Emperor helmsman table, especially as, strap on the back 74033,76213 slightly concave arc of such models, including K Gold festival section, the band also has chambered edges.
(5) the location of the elastic strap discount end of the connection bolt head with a eye (pit), this approach and Rolex watches are the same, but did not leave the table; well exposed stud head very rules and mellow, false table often do not care about the details, leaving traces of grinding frustration.
(6) and a Rolex watch, pull out the crown with a magnifying glass can have a glimpse into the teeth of the handle head tube, cover letters. Patterns engraved very deep and clear.
(7) letters and pattern strap discounts on more, really deep and clear the table, leave the table usually stamped the letters together into a pile, no discernible sense punch.
(8) the need to carefully look at is the dial, including the characters on the dial, as well as hours, minutes and seconds are like a mirror plating, letters, and sub-line on the dial is black and shiny fishes should all leave the table in this point all do well, do not.
After the table (9) now Emperor helmsman table cover, plus there are holographic security labels Symphony. Background color is purple.
(10) If the dial is a diamond of the word, without exception, not the false Emperor helmsman table with natural diamonds; Another is called “bark pattern” dial Emperor helmsman table, most do not leave the table because it does not have the effect that if they had staggered pattern punch lines.

Watch brand “Baselworld 2011″ opening –627 gathered

The Baselworld 2011, watch brand of 627, jewelery brand of 736, related products brand of 529 gathered. And because he booth area and 102,400 square meters in the only watch brand, Tokyo Dome is seated two, but feet of your fishing comes further. Casio, Seiko Watch, Citizen Watch colleagues are holding a booth from Japan. Exhibitors Swiss brand is still a lot, 307 brand is about half of the watch brands readies his booth bring together a variety of watches. Variations are diverse to mechanical wrist watch with a complicated mechanism from watches gorgeous jewelry sparkling studded, this thing is the led eye-pleasing exactly. In Baselworld 2011, guide applications for smartphones also (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry) finally appeared. I can browse at hand brand search and 3D interactive maps, and the latest news of the day. The more I think catalog of traditional paper also still alive, but in the weight far beyond the notebook PC luxurious Namaji hard cover specification, and the thickness of the phone book class, carry around this whether strength training of something. Than local Makoto In Style, I will send you a report at any time this year

He sent me watch when I was rejected

Today I received a watch. That guy is not my favorite, just put him as a friend, a very good good friend.

He sent me watch when I was rejected. But he said he did not know the meaning of the watch. So I hope I do not give it meaning, is an ordinary gift between friends, and then I will accept it. Only as a friend of the angle accepted.

I want to never give him any hope. We’re just friends, this is my opinion, but the fact that even I do not know how he thought of. Yo time comes naturally, really good.

Watch, I am going, but I did not take, I just put the hand holding. After coming back, put on, but found, really inappropriate. Because the watch is really too much, there is simply inappropriate, improper, as if the two of us.

Rolex watches are Swiss-made luxury watch

Rolex watches are Swiss-made luxury watch, its design, production, and always maintaining the traditional style. Its features include fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dust proof, etc., work better, especially the dial, crown and bracelet, carved into the crown is a sign of its high quality. Because the use of brand name watches in the manufacture of advanced equipment, high-quality materials, to the processing of fine, high-quality finish. True Rolex watches, regardless of workmanship, are very fine words, there is a seamless feel, this is an important aspect of authenticity. From the appearance of outstanding Rolex watch case, strap, crown, word clear, complete, and replica tables shell rough, slightly fuzzy text. In particular, bottom of the table, covered teeth, very fine and clear, bright and clean three-dimensional, while the counterfeit goods without three-dimensional grating, lighter than normal. Weight, really feeling pragmatic and some fake much lighter (Note: some replica inside but also added a copper ring). 18K gold Rolex on the texture of the case, strap, the genuine gold general newest first quality, color change, counterfeit products have a lower number of K 14K gold or gold or 18K gold plated, but over time, it will change back to the original. Starry Rolex, diamond inlay on the table is true, and imitation diamonds are fake. Have appeared on the market really the case, strap, which leave the Rolex movement, so it is better to use a special tool to open the table. Real Rolex movement, a pry go autopilot, engraved with the words on the movement ROLEX plywood, also engraved with the movement number: 1570,2135,3135,3035 …… And so on, there is no fake. Mechanical movement is really pleasant ridge clearly false movement rough dark. Also, remove the strap, the case of the middle ear side tables have table-type batch plant, the lower middle lugs table number, copy of basically no (some imitation goods are available but not neat and clear); Rolex watches are there are quality assurance, there are more than two rows of the upper right corner Arabic word number pinhole Tattoo, neat and clear, and leave only the line of pinhole Tattoo, far from uniform, not too neat, but not in order to identify, because the market there are false the guarantee. Carl 4130 is 4030 cal replacements is Rolex from the factory developed the first self-winding chronograph movement. Also uses a cylindrical wheel timing. Nonetheless, its internal structure to better solve the problem, when to start and stop the chronograph hand jitter happens. While addressing the timing so that the timing of the core in the case of the watch itself can still keep walking when precise problem. Rolex Daytona’s Cal 4130 is still a “super Observatory official certification”, the screw-in chronograph buttons to ensure that the chronograph buttons this site to have 100 meters of water Day Date Rolex Daytona is second only to the elevated table, and even the steel shall have more than 6W RMB, even if it is purchased at HK or JP. Again, I have always felt Rolex Daytona is the best chronograph, not because it’s how good sign, not because of how strong its function. Ultimately’s a – it is adhering to the Rolex best of traditional – stable, accurate and relentless – a man’s table. It should be so.

The new model sensual to the American tank

cartier tank watches
Photo 2000 © Cartier 2012
American tank SM Pink Gold

On Wednesday April 17, 2013 Cartier women’s watch of new will be released from the (Cartier).Bracelet model of tank American’s popular from 1989 is new, supple a more feminine form and added to the lineup to become.

Face sharp square draw a curve beautifully, to design feminine by becoming more compact. The combination of balance and softness sharp, straight lines and curves, and corner rounded, elegant cartier tank watches replica worthy of the women urbane modern.

New This model’s glamorous impression with a supple bracelet reminiscent of snake skin. White gold and pink gold, paved with diamonds model that has been decorated with more such as, are deployed in the lineup that has been refined luxury. Femininity stand out, smooth sensual form that is, directing us to the hand and elegant fascinating. And make sure your eyes a new model Quirky American tank so far.

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tank American SM Pink Gold Case Diamond 0.9 kt 34.8 × 19mm Quartz ¥ 3,622,500


The Rolex Combination Of High-tech And Aesthetics

Some things do not exist , and the reason is very simple: difficult to make , color ceramics will be the case . All along, no one can exhibit two different colors on a high-tech ceramic watch components. Rolex became the precedent .

Rolex launched the world’s first blue-black color Cerachrom words ring in 2013 . This integrally molded bezel consists of two contrasting colors of the blue and black half and half , flawless . This year , Rolex further demonstrate extraordinary technical and aesthetic strength , configuration, red and blue color Cerachrom words ring on . Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II watch, this design and in 1955 came the first GMT-Master outer ring echoes. This word reflects two laps while more results, first of all, the production of red ceramic word circle high degree of difficulty , so red is rare even in ceramics ; Upon completion of the red part , then we have to adjust the chemical composition of each tablet ceramic by inside to outside , the half circle from red to blue word , but also to ensure that the two color contrast is clear .

ROLEX Submariner Ceramic Date SPIRIT by Bamford Watch Dept

ROLEX Submariner Ceramic Date SPIRIT by Bamford Watch Dept

The whole word turns red and blue Cerachrom distinct red section represents 6:00 to 18:00 , the blue represents the 18:00 to 6:00 . Words ring integrally molded , extremely strong, in line with Rolex watches superior quality and reliable performance requirements. Like all Rolex Cerachrom words ring, this design has a superior scratch damage , corrosion resistance, even if not fade by ultraviolet radiation , shape equally attention. Ceramic glossy circle the word appear more three-dimensional , while improving the color effects , reminiscent of the first GMT-Master watch Plexiglas Plexiglas word circle. Engraved above figures and progressive scale are Rolex patented PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition, Physical Vapor Deposition ) coating technology to fill a thin layer of platinum. Modification of its depth and matte , polished surface and contrasting words ring produce three-dimensional effect , clearly legible.
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Rolex Cellini series A Perfect Gift For Father

You may puzzle your brain over how to select the best gift to express the gratitude and thanks for your father, but now you have the chance to get it. That is Rolex Cellini series .Cellini Rolex series highlight the spirit of traditional clocks contemporary style and timeless elegance of classical temperament . This new series consists of 12 classic watches , each of which shall have expertise and sophisticated set of processes in one, full of Rolex ‘s watchmaking tradition of the timeless . With simple and elegant lines , noble magnificent material, and modification of refined luxury , all the details are in line with the law of watchmaking . However , this series of new watch is not confined to the good old design. By highly respected in the Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired by the Holy See named Rolex Cellini series , while back classical roots on the other hand among modern re-interpretation of the essence of the way , the perfect harmony. These watches Rolex bears watchmaking tradition , reminiscent of contemporary monumental architecture , its proportions and layout simple lines , space and light and modern with clever . New Cellini watch away from the traditional constraints of time completely transformed into a guardian , it is a symbol of style, luxury , and truly reflects the art of living (art de vivre) extraordinary value.

Swiss Rolex Cellini series watches

Swiss Rolex Cellini series watches

The new interpretation of traditional watchmaking Cellini series of the most exquisite charm , absolutely elegant . Case manufactured by Rolex exclusive foundry , with 18 ct white gold or rose gold eternity styles to choose from . Classic 39 mm diameter circular design is a traditional brand logo, and detailed modeling ear shells , polished modification, and with arched outer ring and an outer ring composed of triangular grooves double outer ring, so watch more distinctive . Which symbolizes Rolex triangular grooves for screw- back, and back is as old as circular arch design . Flared screw-in crown Cellini series highlights the exquisite aesthetics.
Another dial also cited the brand’s watchmaking knowledge and tradition. Each dial are modified by paint or decorated with black or silver-plated classic “rayon flammé de la gloire” radiation pattern, and matching gold stereo hour mark . Different functions depending on the watch dial layout , the whole family can be divided into three Cellini category . Cellini Time is a classic example of watchmaking , when equipped , minutes and seconds display ; while Cellini Date will be vice- dial pointer add calendar function Huashi both . Finally , Cellini Dual Time can display two time zones , and in the window assembly deputy second time zone dial elegant sun and the moon and night indication.
Cellini watches are equipped with all new extremely precise self-winding mechanical movement, and all were certified as a chronometer Observatory by Rolex manufacture . To show the purest traditional style , these watches available in glossy black or brown alligator leather strap, stitching trim , and equipped with 18 ct gold buckle , aptly demonstrated gentlemanly grace .